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Focus on real everyday English so you can communicate with confidence.

General English is our most popular course! It is a fun, interactive class which prepares you to use English in the real world.

In addition to developing core skills, this course provides students with pronunciation and grammar support, plus vocabulary improvement.

Our General English classes cover a range of interesting topics so that you will feel confident in any situation.

  • Dynamic teachers
  • Social and interactive classes
  • Strong speaking and listening focus

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General English

General English

Sample Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:50AM - 10:05AM
Topic Introduction

Practical Usage - Prepositions
Phrasal verbs
Grammar Review
Grammar Focus
Past simple & present perfect
News hour
Grammar Review
Dialogue with /r/ & /l/
10:15AM - 11:30AM
Grammar Focus
Comparatives & superlatives
Writing Basics
Word order
Practical English
Language for markets
Writing Extension
Writing emails
Progress Tests
11:45AM - 1:15PM
Communicative Activity
Timed speaking
Newspaper articles Reading for detail
Social English
Hotel reservations Listening
Taking phone messages
Practical Language Skills
The Amazing Race: Melbourne Markets
Sentence stress
Social English
Travel phrases
Weekly Review

Conversation practise
Check your accuracy
HOMEWORK Listen to podcast Reading for fun Grammar workbook Writing Weekend project

Sample times only, subject to change (times may vary by 15-30 minutes depending on the class).

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"After studying in General English, I decided I wanted to take the FCE course. Extreme English was the perfect stepping stone and it really helped me prepare for FCE. Although these courses were challenging and intensive, I enjoyed it very much and felt that it was the best decision I had ever made."


"I studied at Impact for six months and the IELTS course helped me achieve the score that I needed to get into a university in Australia! My teachers were very passionate and knowledgeable and constantly gave me feedback on my progress. Because of the English Only rule I made lots of good friends at Impact."


"I came to Australia to improve my English and to have a working holiday experience. I couldn’t decide which city so Impact was the perfect choice because I could study in both Brisbane and Melbourne. After moving to Melbourne, I fell in love with the cafés and wanted to become a barista. The Barista course helped me understand the hospitality industry and gave me the experience I needed to find a job in a café!"


"My teachers are kind and awesome, they helped me a lot! I enjoyed all aspects of learning English - reading, writing, listening and speaking. And I really like the English Only Policy. At the beginning, it was very hard, but later I spoke English with my friends even though we were out of school! I made so many friends from different countries, like Anna!"

sezer (turkey),
anna (taiwan)

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