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Improve your English and have fun meeting new friends

Everyday, Impact provides free additional activities, classes and study help to all our students. We offer a range of 'Impactivities' so that you can choose the option that is best for your personal English development.

Conversation Club

Practise conversational English and learn to speak about different real-world topics including the media, the environment, politics, and how to use popular English phrases and idioms.

Exam Skills

Take practice exams, learn strategies to read faster, tips for listening and get feedback on your writing tests. This is a great club for students who want to get high scores on their English Exams.

Explorer Club

Every week we take you to see iconic locations and events around Melbourne & Brisbane. We will also show you some great spots that only the locals know.

Job Club

Get help looking for work in Australia! Learn how to write your resume and cover letter, prepare for job interviews, understand your rights at work, and more.

Listening Extra

Develop listening skills and critical thinking skills that are vital for use in exams, as well as in any academic situation. Using presentations from TedTalks, you will answer comprehension questions and have a discussion with other students about the topic.

Pronunciation Club

Teachers will show you how to make English sounds correctly, feel more confident speaking in English and give you lots of practice using new vocabulary. Great for students who want to sound like a native speaker!


Singing in English! Improve your listening, pronunciation and vocabulary as you sing along to your favourite English songs. Our teachers will teach you to sing popular western tunes and explain the meanings of the lyrics.

Study Help

One-on-one study support with our qualified teachers. You can also borrow books or read popular magazines and newspapers. A great resource for students who want personalised help with their homework.

Vocabulary Club

Learn real English, natural English expressions, everyday phrases, and street slang! Have fun learning the different types of English vocabulary and how to use them correctly every time.

Writing Club

Our experienced teachers will show you how to write perfectly and help to correct your mistakes. In this club we start with the basics of English sentence structure and work up to creating more complicated texts.

Sample Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:30AM - 12:30PM Exam Skills
Expert advice to help you prepare for the Cambridge and IELTS Exams
Study Help
Our teachers are available at the library at scheduled times to help you

Explorer Club

Study Help



Study Help

Singing and listening practice with students from all classes. A great way to practise!
Study Help
2PM–3PM Conversation Class
Put your English skills into practice

Pronunciation Class
Get your tongue around English pronunciation

Study Help

Explorer Club
2pm–4pm Visit tourist attractions, museums, galleries & sports centres (may incur a small cost)
Study Help
Writing Extra
Learn writing basics and improve your written communication skills
Study Help

*Timetable subject to change. Please check student noticeboards or Impact's social media for the monthly calendars and weekly activities.

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